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About Sahyadree SoftTech

Welcome to Sahyadree SoftTech, where we stand proud as an AI-powered Digital Marketing & Software Development Company. We are at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence to redefine digital marketing strategies and shape state-of-the-art software solutions. Our commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled services to our clients, blending the power of AI with the artistry of digital marketing and the precision of software development. In the dynamic landscape of the digital realm, we specialize in crafting strategies that resonate with the evolving needs of businesses. Our proficiency in AI-driven digital marketing ensures that our clients stay ahead in the competitive market, capitalizing on data-driven insights for impactful campaigns. Simultaneously, our software development expertise stands as a testament to our dedication to providing robust and innovative solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients.

Our approach is deeply rooted in an understanding of the modern consumer’s behavior, allowing us to harness the power of digital platforms for tailored and impactful communication that meets the unique needs of our clients’ businesses. At Sahyadree SoftTech, we are not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the digital frontier. Our commitment to excellence, fueled by AI and innovation, propels our clients towards unprecedented success. Welcome to Sahyadree SoftTech. Distinguished by our commitment to quality and result-driven work, Sahyadree sets itself apart by merging traditional branding principles with innovative solutions. This unique blend of creativity and data-driven insights ensures that our solutions provide real-time, relevant, and reportable results for your brand.

Specializing in AI-powered Digital Marketing & Software Development, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to guide businesses through the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every project, focusing on achieving tangible and impactful outcomes for our clients. As a pioneering company, Sahyadree SoftTech is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions, navigating businesses of all sizes through the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us on this transformative journey, where passion meets performance, and innovation transforms into excellence. Sahyadree SoftTech – Your partner in navigating the digital future.

At Sahyadree SoftTech, culture is paramount. We invest in the growth and development of our employees, fostering an environment where they become the best versions of themselves, both professionally and personally. This investment ensures that our team, the #SAHYADREEAN professionals can assist you in realizing the full potential of your brand. Join us on this transformative journey, where we seamlessly merge technology, creativity, and strategy to propel your brand to new heights. Welcome to the future of digital innovation.


Meet The Founders


Meet Ankita Kadam, the driving force behind Sahyadree SoftTech as our Co-founder and CMO. An avid explorer of new ideas and a strong motivation for aspiring women entrepreneurs, Ankita's journey began at a remarkably young age, gaining valuable experience at leading marketing companies. Known for building strong relationships based on trust, Ankita seamlessly transitions from client servicing, strategy, and creative to human resources, fostering Sahyadree SoftTech's success.

Her achievements at Sahyadree SoftTech are a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity. Beyond the business realm, Ankita extends her passion as a big inspiration for women. Actively engaged in mentorship programs and workshops, she contributes to the growth and development of aspiring women entrepreneurs, motivating them to pursue their dreams. Ankita Kadam is not just a leader; she is an inspiration that sets Sahyadree SoftTech apart from competitors, fostering a loyal and satisfied customer base. Join us on this transformative journey led by Ankita's holistic approach and commitment to excellence.

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